Helichrysum Italicum silverball
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Helichrysum italicum is an evergreen sub-shrub. It is small and bushy with linear, and curry-scented leaves. In general, the genus Helichrysum can be grown as annual plants in the UK. They can also herbaceous or evergreen perennials. 

This plant in particular is usually between 0.1-0.5m in height. It takes between 2 and 5 years to attain that height and has a spread of 0.5-1m. Its best position is under the full sun. 

How to grow Helichrysum Italicum silverball

Helichrysum italicum silverball can be grown in a poor to moderately fertile soil. Such soil should also be well-drained, and neutral to alkaline in nature. It is important that you protect the plant from the winter and cold dry winds. The plant has a hardiness of H4.

This plant is best propagated by rooting semi-hardwood cuttings of scrubby species in the summer. This method of propagation is ideal in overwinter and frost-free conditions. 

Helichrysum italicum silverball thrives on gravel gardens, coastal, prairie planting, flower borders and beds, cottage and informal gardens, Mediterranean climate plants, etc. 

You should take extra care of this plant if it is cultivated in an area that is susceptible to frost. It should be protected with a thick mulch of straw. Alternatively, you can use well-rotted compost. 

Ensure you limit the stems on the plant in spring to prevent it from becoming straggly.

You may wonder why this plant is popular? Well, it is because it is a low maintenance plant. It is also not too aggressive. This makes it one of the popular choices in the plant market.

Its medium-sized, flat foliage has a silver colour to it. Inclusively, this plant has a unique foliage shape and good branching. These features makes it an ideal addition to your garden. 

With its silvery colour, you are adding extra elegance to your garden. Its drought tolerance property guarantees that you won’t face any hassle when taking care of it. Not only that. The plant is also a good performer among other plants in the garden. 

In addition, you will have a plant in your garden that can withstand heat. You will best appreciate this plant in autumn and late summer as this is the period it fully blossoms. 

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Last Modified: July 1, 2022