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Nandina Domestica brightlight, this variant is particularly known for its hardiness in the winter period. In terms of hardiness, it is Hardy (H4), and tender in frost (H3).  

It has leaves that are lance-like in appearance and an attractive upward growth. The Nandina Domestica brightlight can grow white flowers carried in small structures called particles. Often confused with Bamboo, ‘heavenly bamboo’ but it is not a bamboo!

The Nandina Domestica brightlight is a great choice when you want to add colour and life to you patio. Its beautiful texture can also give beauty to mixed shrubs and plant beds. 


How Tall Is Nandina Domestica Brightlight?

The Nandina Domestica brightlight is an erect shrub. It is able to reach a height of 1.5m in five years. Its spread is approximately 0.5m. 

In terms of hardiness, this plant is able to thrive under extremely temperatures. It is capable of surviving temperatures as low as -18 degrees. This adaptability to extreme temperature means you can enjoy the beauty this plant provides all year long.


How To Grow Nandina Domestica Brightlight

This plant can be grown in a fertile moist but well-drained soil. It is advisable however to grow it in a place that has enough sunlight generation for the best result. 

Gardeners grow Nandina Domestica brightlight in containers. You can also use it as a patio plant. Alternatively, you can use it to add a different look to your balcony or terrace. 

If you are looking to do an architectural upgrade on your garden, the lively yellow-green foliage and elegant nature of the Nandina Domestica brightlight presents a unique plant, or you can use it in a mixed shrub border. 

So why choose this plant? Nandina Domestica brightlight has a distinct leaf shape that differentiates it from other variants. Its white flowers add beautiful blooms to your surroundings during the summer months. 

Its hardiness guarantees that it would be able to survive anything the UK winter period brings. The fact that it is easy to grow makes the plant a gardener’s favorite. 


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Last Modified: July 1, 2022