Photinia × fraseri Pink Marble ('Cassini')
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Photinia pink marble tree has been around for many years but it has just been introduced into the UK. This plant is attractive throughout the year. In autumn, its foliage is a mixture of purple-pink-red as well as an addition of cream. It adopts a mixture of bright pink-red for the remainder of the year.

This plant is 2.5-4m in height and has a spread of between 2.5-4m. With a hardiness of H5, the most ideal position for optimum growth is either in partial shade or full sunlight. 

How To Grow Photinia Pink Marble Tree

Photinia pink marble tree grows best in a humus-rich, fertile soil. They can also grow perfectly in a well-drained terracotta pot. Classy zinc containers in partial shade, or full sunlight can support their growth. 

You can’t go wrong with this plant. It gives plant lovers and gardeners something unique that other plants don’t have. They need no special attention as they can survive even in the coldest of places. 

How do you propagate Photinia?

Photinia is best propagated by semi-hardwood cuttings in summer. Suitable planting locations for this plant are: hedging and screens, cottage and informal garden, and low maintenance.

Photinia pest problems

Check the plant regularly for pests such as vine weevil. This particular pest feeds on its leaves. It can also be affected by a disease called fireblight and leaf spot.

For many plant lovers, this plant is the most extraordinary of all the Photinia x fraseri Red Robin plants. This plant can display three different colours. Its variegated foliage can display green, pink, cream and sometimes red colour on its young shoots. 

It is important that you provide irrigation during the plant’s first growing season. It will naturally look after itself after that.

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Last Modified: May 6, 2023