BUY: Prunus Trioba Cherry Almond

If you’re familiar with Prunus Trioba or Cherry Almond, then you must know of its stunning, springtime displays of bowl-shaped, pink flowers.

Its double-flowered blossom in early spring is something you don’t want to miss – the blooms start to smother the bare branches just before the foliage shows. 

That’s not all!

Its flowers carry an excellent floral scent that fills the air all through spring – ensure you place it somewhere you can truly enjoy the nice fragrance. 

Also, you’ll see bright green leaves just after the plant flowers coupled with fruits that wild birds enjoy just late in summer. Even more, Prunus Trioba adds colour to your garden throughout the year with a riot of autumnal-bronze foliage in autumn.

How to grow Prunus Trioba Cherry Almond

If you get a flowering almond, then you need to water it consistently throughout summer and spring. Also, you should use a soaker hose to get slow tickles of water – this evenly saturates the soil around your Prunus Trioba.

You’ll also need to water the plant frequently during hot periods. Plus, check the soil once in a while once its summer and water extremely.

Here’s a tip for you – water the plant if the stop 2-3 inches of the soil is dry. Also, you should know that the young plants don’t need plant fertilisers for the first two years. But, mature trees need fertilizer every 2-3 years once it’s early spring.

One last thing, don’t feed the tree during the winter, fall, or summer.

Where should I position Prunus Trioba Cherry Almond in my garden?

As a hardy plant, it’s best to plant your Prunus Trioba outdoor in hardiness zones 4 to 8. Also, it’s strong enough to survive outdoors even during winter.

Another thing you should know is that the Prunus Trioba needs partial sun or full sun throughout most of the year. But, when it gets cold, the plant will need a little more shade to survive – exposing it to too much sun reduces the moisture content of the plant.

How tall does Prunus Trioba Cherry Almond grow?

Even though the Prunus Trioba produces shrubby growth, it may turn into a small tree eventually. Even more, it can grow large, getting as tall as 10-15 inches.

What kind of soil does Prunus Trioba Cherry Almond need?

This plant thrives in fertile, moist soil. 

Even though it is rarely grown in pots because of its size, you can add peat moss or fresh compost to create a standard potting soil.

If you do decide to grow it in a pot or container, make sure you refresh the top third of the soil once every 2-3 years.

Where to find Prunus Trioba Cherry Almond for sale in the UK?

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Last Modified: May 6, 2023