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If you know the gardenia tree, you probably know it’s loved for its creamy-white, waxy, stunning flowers and intoxicating aroma that contrast excellently with dark-green, leathery, shiny leaves. But that’s not all!

True, this irresistible heat-loving evergreen tree is not easy to grow, but their delightful scented flowers make up for the extra attention you’ll be providing.

How to grow Standard Gardenia Tree

Depending on the variety you choose, you can grow a standard gardenia tree outside or indoors – but more on that later.

Ensure you grow your gardenia in proper light but avoid direct sunlight. Plus, since the plant gets up to 0.6-1.5m depending on the variety, feed it regularly and keep the compost evenly moist using rainwater.

Also, you can propagate this plant using cuttings taken in summer or spring. You should also remember to prune in spring.

Where should I position Standard Gardenia Tree in my garden?

If you decide to plant your gardenia outside, best to do it in a pot. This way, it can be moved to a sheltered spot in winter to protect it from winds or frosts.

Also, if you happen to stay in areas with great conditions all year, you can plant your gardenia in the ground or raised beds.

A draught-free spot, humid atmosphere, bright light but away from direct sun in summer, and even temperatures – these are what you need to grow your gardenia indoors.

To get a high level of humidity, put your plant on a saucer or large tray filled with clay granules or peddle. Plus, make sure you keep it filled with water – fill it up to just beneath the top level of the granules.

One last thing, plant your gardenia outside in summer or spring. Also, use a pot that’s about 30cm deep and wide or more – this is only if you’re growing it in a container.

What kind of soil does Standard Gardenia Tree need?

Gardenia trees need compost or lime-free soil to survive. If you have a pot-grown outdoor gardenia, then use lime-free or ericaceous potting compost.

Also, if you’re planting your gardenia in raised beds or borders, make sure you check the pH of the soil – use a lime-free soil conditioner to improve the soil if necessary.

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Last Modified: June 12, 2022