Topiary Cypress
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These aromatic Topiary cypress lemon trees have a rich history of providing homes and gardens with beautiful scents and structure. 

The topiary cypress lemon tree comes in different stature and has the ability to adapt to most warmer locations in the UK, this plant is originally from California, United States. It is coniferous, and has spiky needle-shaped foliage. 

How Long lemon cypress take to grow?

Topiary tree are available in small and smaller sizes. The trees can grow up to 5m in height when grown in their natural habitat. They variant to be used as a house plant is the dwarf lemon cypress which doesn’t grow taller than 91cm. 

How To Grow lemon cypress tree

The lemon cypress tree needs a well-drained soil, and it doesn’t matter whether the soil is sandy, loamy, or even chalky. This plant can also survive in acidic, alkaline, or neutral soils. 

Lemon cypress trees generally have a hardiness zone of between 7 and 10. Since they are incapable of thriving in a place with shade, it is advisable you cultivate them in a sunny spot. 

Irrigation is an important aspect of growing the lemon cypress tree. A gradual release of 20-20-20 fertiliser is necessary before new growth surfaces during the spring. 

If you grow the plant as a houseplant, do so with a cool indoor temperature. Your thermostat should be pegged at between 15-16 degrees during the winter period. 

Sufficient lighting is necessary for your indoor plant. So choose a window that has access to good sunlight. Also make sure you turn the plant’s container regularly in order for every part of the plant to get enough sunlight. It is important that the houseplant gets a minimum of eight hours sunlight.


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Last Modified: May 6, 2023