Wisteria Sinensis Alba
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This showstopping Wisteria Sinensis Alba brims with clusters of well-scented flowers once it’s spring – this makes it a favourite with many gardeners. But, you need to be careful with this perennial – it can easily get out of hand if you don’t restrain it carefully.

Also known as Chinese wisteria, this deciduous vine grows up to 25 inches tall with 6-12 inches long racemes – when the foliage starts to expand in May, blue-violet, pea-like, and mild-fragrant flowers start to bloom.

With the flowers blooming almost simultaneously on the racemes, this plant adds a dramatic floral display to your garden. Its flowers pave the way for 4-6 inches long velvety, pendant, bean-like seed pods – these get ripe in autumn and might continue till winter.

Wisteria Sinensis Alba also has deep green, odd-pinnate, compound leaves. These leaves also come with around 7-13 leaflets.

Unlike the Japanese wisteria, the Wisteria Sinensis Alba has fewer leaflets per leaf and counterclockwise twining. This is coupled with shorter flowering racemes – these racemes have less scented flowers. If you want a smaller wisteria, try this dwaft wisteria

How to grow Wisteria Sinensis Alba

To truly enjoy the beauty of your Wisteria Sinensis Alba, you should plant it in autumn or spring – this is usually when the plant is dormant.

Also, you can grow your Wisteria Sinensis Alba from seed. But the thing is that this takes a few years to mature and bloom. This is why the preferred option is to start from a cutting.

Where should I position Wisteria Sinensis Alba in my garden?

Before you plant your Wisteria Sinensis Alba, it’s best to pick a spot that’s far from other plants – they grow quickly and can easily overtake other neighbouring plants.

Also, this plant is known to grow into or onto nearby structures like sheds, garages, and houses. So, it’s advisable not to grow it close to your home.

One more thing, Wisteria Sinensis Alba vines need sturdy structures to climb on like pergolas or wooden and metal trellis. Also, since the mature plants can get so heavy, you need to plan and build your structure properly.

What kind of soil does Wisteria Sinensis Alba need?

Asides from planting in full sun to ensure your Wisteria Sinensis Alba flowers, they also need well-drained but moist, fertile soil. But, if you notice your soil is not in a good condition, you can add compost.

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Last Modified: June 12, 2022