Alocasia Frydek
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This plant originates from the tropical rainforest, specifically New Guinea. It is commonly called Hardy elephant ear and it belongs to the Araceae family. Alocasia wentii is typically over a meter tall in height and produces a corm (a thickened lower stem). The plant has a spread of between 1-1.5m

Alocasia wentii produces leaves on individual, mottled brown stems alternatively. These leaves can be up to 80cm in height and 40cm in width. It is very easy to cultivate provided you are ready to dedicate some time to it.

How To Grow Alocasia Wentii

A rich, well-drained potting compost is the ideal soil for alocasia wentii. Ensure that the soil is moist enough but not wet. It needs a lot of indirect sunlight to grow properly. The required humidity level is 60 percent. 

It is advisable to water the plant as soon as you notice that the top 50 percent of the soil has become dry. Feed the plant a balanced fertiliser every three weeks in summer as well as spring. This plant is capable of surviving in USDA climate zone 7b and above. 

Propagating is best done after the plant must have “pup”. This means after it has grown smaller plants at its base. After which you divide them and report individually. 

Protecting the plant from the wind will ensure they don’t wither away. It is advisable that you use damp clothes to wipe the plant in order to maintain its shiny appearance. Wiping them too hard may expose them to microorganisms. 

The plant contains toxins which can irritate the mouth and oesophagus. Keep dogs and cats away as well. 


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Last Modified: July 1, 2022