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Dahlia Decorative Pink / Pink -White - Pack of THREE

Dahlia Decorative Pink / Pink -White – Pack of THREE

Dahlia is a genus comprising of composite plants native to Mexico and Central America. They range in height from one foot to five feet and produce extremely pretty flowers that come in nearly all colours.

Dahlia labella Maggiore Fire

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Their flower forms vary greatly; from ball-shaped to semi-cactus, straight cactus, incurved cactus, orchid and so on.
Dahlia Varieties
Dahlia genus comprises approximately 60,000 species and varieties. Some popular species are and varieties are listed below.

Dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’: It can be identified by its beautiful dark-purple foliage and intensely bright red flowers.
Dahlia ‘Miss Rose Fletcher: This elegant and cactus-like dahlia is charming with a spiky outlook. Its flowers have 6-inches pink petals.
Dahlia ‘Bonne Esperance’: This dwarf dahlia is just about one foot in height and blooms rose-pink flowers throughout summer.
Dahlia ‘Kidd’s Climax’: A beautiful variety with plate-shaped flowers that are 10 inches in size and has petals with a unique pink colour overspread with gold.
Dahlia ‘Jersey’s Beauty’: It is one of the larger dahlia varieties reaching a height of up to 7 feet. It is pink with small, pretty flowers.
Dahlia ‘Black Jack’Have a look at this Dahlia here

Growth And Maintenance
Dahlias are annual, tuberous flowers that may be grown in containers or directly in the ground. The planting hole should be about 6 inches deep and the tubers should be planted in such a way that the centre of the flower is about three inches below the ground. For them to grow properly, tall dahlias should be spaced at least 12 inches apart while short ones should be spaced 8 inches apart. It is best to plant dahlias in late spring or early summer.

Soil: Dahlias should be grown in fertile, organically rich, moist, well-drained soil with a slightly acidic pH.
Water: A good watering regime is important for dahlias to bloom. It is best to water your dahlia plant twice or thrice a week. The may need to be watered more frequently in hotter climates
Light: Dahlias need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily and too much exposure to sunlight can hinder flowering.
Fertiliser: After planting dahlia tubers, you may add all-purpose fertilizer as well as some compost to the planting area. You can feed your dahlias at least twice a month with liquid fertilizers.

Tips For Controlling Insects And Diseases

Keep the leaves of your dahlia as dry as possible to prevent root rot and other diseases.
Avoid the use of chemical pesticides because they can be harmful to pollinators such as butterflies and bees.
Your mulch should not contain straw or leaves so you don’t create hiding or breeding sites for pests like earwigs.
Apply an effective organic product to young dahlias to prevent snails and slugs from feeding on them.

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