Daphne Spring Beauty - How to grow and where to buy in the UK
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For plant lovers who are looking for extra plants to add to their collection, you should consider Daphne Spring beauty. The scarcity of the Daphne spring beauty adds to the beauty of your garden. 

An evergreen or sometimes semi-evergreen plant that can grow up to 2m in height, Daphne Spring beauty’s leaves can also grow up to 10cm long. You will discover as the plant grows that it is one of the most vigorous type of Daphne plant available. The plant is capable of having a 1.5m spread. 

It can produce flowers a little more than the other members of the Bholua family. The Nepalese origin of the Daphne spring beauty makes it to be able to withstand cold temperatures due to its extreme hardiness (H4).  

Damage to the plant only occurs in situations of prolonged exposure. 


How To Grow Daphne Spring Beauty

Daphne Spring beauty is best grown on a soil that is well-drained, moist,  and humus-rich. The soil should also be neutral to alkaline on the pH scale. Ensure you keep pruning the plant to a minimum level as it grows and cultivate it where the roots can be under a shade

You can grow the Daphne spring beauty at any time of the year that suits you. However, to get the most out of the plant, it is recommended that you cultivate it during the spring. 

Where Should I Position Daphne Spring beauty? 


To appreciate the beauty of your newly acquired Daphne spring beauty, it is advisable to position it either in full sun, or in partial shade. Daphne spring beauty is suitable to be placed near the house where its scent can welcome guests. 

The plant in itself is toxic and its sap can be irritating when it comes in contact with the skin.

You won’t get the best out of Daphne spring beauty if it is cultivated on a very cold or exposed garden. This plant produces flowers between February and April like a lot of other evergreen shrubs.  Daphne Spring beauty’s white flowers are also borne in terminal clusters.


Where to buy Daphne Spring beauty in the UK

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Last Modified: May 6, 2023