Bamboo Root Barrier – How to use and where to buy

Bamboo is regarded as one of the most invasive plant species in the world and is often planted close to fences or boundaries as privacy screens or hedges. The invasive nature of bamboo compounded with rapid growth may cause problems for us and our neighbours when bamboo plants encroach where they are unwanted. Using a bamboo root barrier is a great way to prevent rampant growth and contain the spread of our bamboo plants. Not all bamboos are running, have a look at our guide to clumping vs running bamboos here.

Bamboo Root Control System - barrier control

Bamboo Root Control System – barrier control

Bamboo root barriers are specially designed at 1 millimetre thick and 70 centimetres wide and are made from tough plastic 

Benefits of using bamboo root barriers

Using a root barrier in bamboo cultivation comes with a little extra cost, but the benefits are long term. Here are some benefits.

  • It helps contain your bamboo in a designated area and prevents invasive growth.
  • Since the invasive nature of bamboo is a result of the underground rhizome, helps redirect the roots to the surface of the soil and it results in growth above the soil but still within the designated area.

How to install bamboo root barriers

Installation of bamboo barriers is relatively easy and requires a little more digging. Here are the 3 simple steps.

  1. Dig a trench in the defined area where you wish your bamboo to grow to a depth that permits the barrier to protrude from the soil. About 10 -15 centimetres above the ground is ideal.
  2. Place the root barriers slanted down on all sides of the trenches but allow a slight overlap where the barriers join each other.
  3. Back-fill the trenches halfway to a ground level where the top of the rootball of planted bamboo will be.

Maintenance of your installed bamboo root barriers

Maintenance of your installed bamboo root barriers is straightforward. Simply check for rhizomes that may have escaped through the barriers and cut them off. Doing this once a year in autumn is fine. As most bamboos are everygreen, they have energy to do what they like all year round!

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