Is Bamboo Evergreen?

Bamboo is described as an evergreen member of the grass family that is either running or clumping variety. Being evergreen is one of the reasons that bamboo is a popular choice in landscaping projects and is also used as bamboo privacy screens. When most other plants lose all their leaves during winter or dieback, bamboo plants remain green and continue to add a vibrant tropical feel to the winter environment. Most bamboo is also fast growing and some types of bamboo can grow super tall

Phyllostachys nigra - Black Bamboo

Phyllostachys nigra – Black Bamboo

However, there is a clause to this evergreen nature of bamboo. Which is all bamboo species will remain evergreen in their natural habitat. In colder foreign regions, some species of bamboo may grow as perennials rather than evergreen plants. Although they are cold-hardy, in extreme weather conditions of cold and frost, they may lose their leaves along with some canes. Some bamboo requires use of bamboo root barrier. 

When is bamboo not evergreen?

Typically, extreme weather such as cold, dry, and frosty weather or prolonged drought can affect naturally evergreen bamboo and instead, cause them to act as deciduous or semi-deciduous plants as a method of adaptation and survival.

When does bamboo shed its leaves?

As stated earlier, bamboo may lose its leaves during extreme winter but will generally hold its leaves through mild winters without extreme frost. Most bamboo species begin to lose their leaves when temperatures rise and the weather gets warmer in springtime. 

This process of losing leaves is almost unnoticeable for most species because new growth and leaves also start to emerge in spring. This makes it possible to see a bamboo culm with both fresh, green leaves and yellow, dropping leaves simultaneously.

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Last Modified: September 6, 2022