Yes, you can grow tree ferns indoors, but I would seriously not bother unless you can guarantee ideal conditions which will be quite a struggle.  Tree ferns are shade loving, sheltered plants that on paper would be ideal for growing indoors, but in my opinion the hassle would outweigh the benefit. 

Can you grow tree ferns indoors?

Can you grow tree ferns indoors?

Keeping the tree fern moist and damp would be an ongoing battle. They need constant moisture and ideally raised humidity, none of which your average UK house can offer, with fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels (or lack of). Home heating dries out the air in winter, and most people don’t want to be increasing their humidity levels unless in a bathroom perhaps. 

If growing Dicksonia Antarctica indoors, ideally you would be pouring water in the crown daily, throughout the entire year, as well as misting daily for ideal conditions. 

Tree ferns like this are perfectly suited for growing outdoors in the UK, so just do that. I still have mine running with automated irrigation throughout the year giving them a quick soak twice a day from spring to autumn, and making sure they are damp through the winter unless it’s due to freeze anytime soon, in which case you want to keep on the drier side (or just pack the crown with straw and let it be. 

There is no ideal location in a house either. A standard room will not have enough light, so only a conservatory would work, and even then due the vastly quick temperature changes each day, especially in the summer you’ll have your work cut out keeping it moist and happy.

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Last Modified: September 6, 2022