Tree ferns such as Dicksonia Antarctica have a new flush of fronds each spring, and if you’re lucky will push a couple more up through the year. 

My own 6ft tree ferns start pushing up crosier curled fronds from about this time of year, I think I first felt the knuckles starting to move in early April (we have had a mild winter this year 21-22). Usually the fronds will start to show in the next few weeks, and then take only a few weeks to get to full size. 

How long does it take for tree fern fronds to grow?

How long does it take for tree fern fronds to grow?

Tree fern frond size is very much dependent on how well you looked after the fern last year. It’s using all the energy it stored up from last year to build and push out this years growth. 

If you’ve newly planted a tree fern, or even planted it at this time last year, don’t be disappointed when you see just small fronds this year, this is perfectly normal.

I remember my first few years of tree ferns well, the first year I really thought I had done something wrong as the fronds were so small, thin and leggy. Not great sitting on a massive 6ft tree!

However, fast forward a few years once the roots are nice and established, and getting auto irrigation on the ferns through the year the fronds are now almost twice as big as the first year, so have patience, treat them well and just wait a few years for them to be happy and settled in.

There are no quick fixes in the plant world, you just need patience.

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Last Modified: September 6, 2022