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Phormium ‘Jester’ is a relatively new and colourful cultivar of Phormium Tenax. It is a perennial, evergreen, clump-forming shrub that grows in a slightly arching and upright manner.

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This plant is also called Flax lily ‘Jester’ and it is a perfect pot plant, ideal for patios and small gardens. It is also highly salt-tolerant which makes it suitable for coastal gardens.

Phormium Jester

Phormium Jester

‘Jester’ is a small and compact variety that will reach a mature height and spread of 4 feet.

The lance-shaped leaves of this plant range in colour from pink and red to light or grey-green. Some leaves bend towards the ground. Although the flowers are considered insignificant, they occasionally bloom on erect stems in summer and are red and tubular.

Flax lily ‘Jester’ is quite versatile and easy to grow. It can be grown in fertile, moist and well-draining sandy, chalky and loamy soil with an acidic or neutral pH. It will also grow well in clay soil that is improved with organic matter or compost.

Position your plant in a partially shaded area of your garden where it will receive full sunlight and where it will also be protected from strong, cold winds.

Watering: This plant does not need too much water; you just need to make sure it is well watered when it is still growing.

Fertilisation: Feeding ‘Jester’ with an all-purpose fertiliser in early spring will encourage robust growth. Fertilise evenly, while taking care not to damage the leaves and roots of your plant.

Pruning: Get rid of any faded, damaged, diseased, or dead leaves by cutting them off at the base with a sharp knife.

Pests and diseases: Pests and diseases can damage your young plants so check them regularly and treat them when necessary.

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