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Phormium Yellow Wave is an ornamental, evergreen, deciduous perennial popular for its foliage that grows as a basal rosette of heavily variegated leaves. The leaves are strap-shaped with bright yellow centre stripes when they emerge in spring but fade to yellow-green on older leaves in autumn. Its gently arching leaves are 3 to 4 feet in length and 2 inches wide. 

Although rare, mature plants may produce clusters of tubular yellow flowers on dramatic flower stalks in summer. 

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Phormium Yellow Wave is a low-maintenance ornamental plant that is quite easy to grow.

Phormium Yellow Wave

Phormium Yellow Wave

How to grow phormium yellow wave

Just like most other phormiums, it is propagated by division in spring and will grow well throughout spring with sufficient sunlight and soil nutrients.  

Where should I position phormium yellow wave in my garden?

As a sun lover, you can place Phormium Yellow Wave in an exposed or sheltered position where it can get full sun or partial sunlight. South, east, north or west-facing aspect is ideal as this will provide your plant with the hours of sunlight it needs to keep the plant vibrant and healthy.

How tall does phormium yellow wave grow and spread?

Phormium Yellow Wave is one of the larger phormium cultivars but also a slow-growing one. It takes a decade or two to reach its ultimate size with a height of 8 feet and sometimes as large as 13 feet. It grows vigorously during the same time frame and smaller plants spread up to 4.9 feet while larger plants can spread as much as 8.2 feet. 

Phormium Yellow Wave

Phormium Yellow Wave

What kind of soil does phormium yellow wave need?

This cultivar of New Zealand flax is more selective in the matter of soil type than most. It can grow comfortably in sandy or loamy soil that is fertile, consistently moist and has good drainage. The pH of the soil is a less significant soil characteristic to look out for so you can plant your phormium ‘yellow wave’ in alkaline, acidic, or neutral soil.

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